Stopping Scotland's Scammers

You work hard for your money, so we work 24/7 to keep it safe

Security is a real concern in Scotland

Almost half of respondents to a recent Scottish Crime and Justice Survey said they were worried they'd be victims of banking fraud or identity theft in the next 12 months.

Customer stories

This year, in partnership with STV, we’ve been on a mission to stop Scotland’s scammers. Here are a few examples of the most common scams across the UK and how you can avoid being victim to the fraudsters.

Ticket Scams

Kris, David & Dave from Glasgow purchased tickets for a Zombie Run event, only to discover the company website had changed, all forms of communication were shut down and the event didn’t go ahead.  The guys haven’t received a refund and the company has been unreachable. 

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Text Scams

Ian from West Lothian received a text message purporting to be from the fraud department of his bank, asking about a recent transaction. He called the number in the text and gave over his security details, resulting in the scammers clearing his bank of over £600.  

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Tenancy Scams

Shaun fell victim of a scammer posing as an Landlord who duped him into paying a £1000 deposit. Contact from the Scammer stopped up to a week before he was due to move in. Shaun Discovered that they weren't the real Landlord and they had been 'renting' the flat out to other Victims.

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Phone Scams

Sylvia from Perthshire received phone call from scammers claiming to be her internet provider, they were offering to give her compensation for poor reception.  With the use of remote access to her PC they were able to get details to steal £6000.

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Inheritance Scam

Iona’s father Thomas paid out over £170,000 to scammers who sent him letters claiming he needed to make payments to release an inheritance fund.  Large fraud investigation has led to £127,000 being returned to the family.

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Online Buying

Arthur from Kilmarnock paid £3000 by bank transfer for a boat worth £10,000 which Arthur saw advertised on EBay. Fraudster convinced him to pay outwith EBay as her husband had recently died and she could not afford to pay her mortgage.

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Stopping Scotland's Scammers: The Podcasts

Inspired by the TV show Stopping Scotland’s Scammers, Jackie Brambles hosts the podcast that allows her to delve deeper into the issues raised on-screen

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