How to keep your passwords safe and secure

Struggling to think of a safe and secure password that isn’t ‘Password1’?

Use our handy password security guide to keep any online logins secure.

Setting a strong password

Don't write passwords down or share them

Never write your passwords down, whether it’s in your mobile phone or on a post-it note. It might seem like a helpful way to remember them, but if they get into the wrong hands it could put your account at risk.

Never share your password, even with close friends or family members.


Change your password regularly

Changing your password every few months means if someone does find out what it is, they won’t be able to access your account for a long period of time.

Use a different password for each of your accounts

Using the same password means that if a fraudster finds out the password for your social media account for example, they might be able to use the same login to access other accounts. Having different passwords makes hacking much more difficult for fraudsters.


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