Identity theft

Find out what identity theft and fraud mean and how to keep yourself safe

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when a fraudster steals your personal information – usually so they can use it to impersonate you.

Keep your personal details, personal

Some of these details are obviously more sensitive, like the password to your Digital banking. But there are other details that fraudsters might want to find out too.

For example, simple details like these can help a fraudster steal your identity:

Date of birth

Full name


This is why you should always be cautious of what you publish on social media - and check your privacy settings to ensure only people you trust are able to see what you share.

Your personal details need to be kept private. Personal information, like your full name and address, is what you use to prove who you are to banks and other financial companies.

What a fraudster can do with your identity

Identity fraudsters can use your personal information to do things like:

Withdraw money from your account

Use money from your account to pay for goods and services

Set up a credit card or store card in your name

Apply for a loan in your name

Apply for a mobile phone contract

Keeping your identity safe is all about how you protect it

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