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Online repayment service

We let you make a payment to your account by credit or debit card.

Online repayment service

If you have received a letter from us requesting payment for an outstanding amount you can make a payment here. You can either choose to pay the amount in full or set up a payment plan.

Make a payment to clear your arrears on an overdraft or missed loan payment.

Terms and Conditions

Important information

Please allow 5 working days for payments to reach your account. Please note that interest and penalties may continue to accrue or be applied until the payment reaches the designated account. [Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to meet the payment].

Warning: Any payments made from a credit card may incur a higher rate of interest than that charged on your account; you will also be increasing your debit balance and the amount you owe on your credit card.

Please note that our acting on a single payment or recurring payment instruction received from you will not mean that we have agreed to accept that payment and/or future payments in place of your payment obligations to us as set out in the relevant contract between us or as may have been varied from time to time by written agreement. If you give us a recurring payment instruction which you wish us to accept as changing your agreed payment obligations, you must submit a request to your usual contact point and your request will be considered. You are free to end a recurring payment instruction at any time.


Availability of the Service

While we will make reasonable efforts to provide the service, we will not be liable for any failure to provide the service, in part or full, for any cause that is beyond our reasonable control. This includes, in particular, any suspension of the service resulting from maintenance and upgrades to our systems or those of any party used to provide the service.

By continuing to the next step to make a repayment, you are accepting the terms and conditions above.

Set up a payment plan


If you are having difficulty paying the amount we have asked for, in one go, then we may be able to help you build a payment plan.

Our digital assistant Cora will be able to help you. Start a chat by clicking the button below and type 'struggling financially' to get the conversation going.



Financial difficulty

If you have debts of any kind, it can be hard to plan for the future and achieve your financial goals. Read our guide to help you understand your debt and where to get help.