App available to personal and business banking customers aged 11+ using compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

Online Banking available to customers aged 11+ with a NatWest account.


You can make changes to your arranged overdraft in our mobile app or via Online Banking.

Help with paying off your balance

Check out our top tips to help you reduce your overdraft debt.

How much is your overdraft costing?

Use our cost calculator to get a breakdown of interest costs and any fees that may apply.

Credit Card

We've got some useful ways to help you get the most out of your existing card. Find out how to make a payment, view your transactions, change your credit card or take out a new one and more.

Repay a little extra

Minimum Payment Plus is a small, additional payment to help you avoid long-term debt. You can choose to make a one-off payment, or pay a little more than the minimum each month.

Plan ahead to repay your balance

Use our calculator to work out how long it could take to pay off your credit card.

Personal Loan

Manage your loan and find out more about making extra payments, closing and paying off your loan, topping up an existing loan, changing your loan payment date, getting the app, and much more.

Ways to adjust your personal loan

Change your loan repayment date

Life happens and you may need to change your loan payment date. You can change it depending on how you pay (Direct Debit or standing order). Follow the link below to find out how.

Make an extra payment

You can make overpayments or additional payments to your loan at any time. An overpayment can reduce the total amount of interest you’ll pay (overpayments are subject to an early repayment charge).

You can choose if you want to reduce the term of your loan, or keep your original term and reduce your monthly payments.

Use our online form to request your additional payment illustration.


Log into our mortgage portal to see your existing repayments as well as when your next term is due to start.

Reduce your monthly mortgage repayments

Use our mortgage rate finder tool to view our current mortgage rates and find out what your monthly payments might be if you’re looking to reduce your mortgage repayments.

Pay off your mortgage early

Letting us know what you’re looking to use the money for will help us show you more suitable borrowing options.