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Setting up fingerprint login and Face ID

Setting up fingerprint login

Fingerprint login uses your fingerprint as a way of confirming your identity and securely logging you in to our Royal Bank app.


Touch ID is available on selected Apple devices.

Android Fingerprint is available on selected Android devices.

Enable Touch ID or Android Fingerprint

Enabling this means that you don't need to type your login details every time and helps keep your app secure.

Setting up Face ID

Using Apple’s Face ID functionality, you can confirm your identity and log in to the Royal Bank app just by looking at the screen. Because you’re unique, it’s a super secure way of protecting your account.

Face ID is available on selected Apple devices.

Your step-by-step guide

You would need an iPhone X or later model and the Royal Bank app downloaded

If you don’t already have Face ID set up on your device, you’ll need to do that first. These instructions from Apple tell you how to set it up.

  1. Log into the mobile app
  2. Tap the profile icon on the very top-right of your app home screen
  3. Go into Settings
  4. Use toggle to enable Face ID
  5. It will then prompt to Log out of the app. Log back in using the passcode one more time and you'll be prompted to use your Face ID


Supported device list

Helpful videos

To watch helpful videos on getting started and using the app, our Video hub is here to help.