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Setting up Face ID

What is Face ID?

Using Apple’s Face ID functionality, you can now confirm your identity and log in to the Royal Bank app on your iPhone X and later models just by looking at the screen. Because you’re unique, it’s a super secure way of protecting your account.

What you'll need


An iPhone X or later model

Your face, of course!

Your step-by-step guide:

  1. 01

    Open the settings app on your phone

  2. 02

    Select Face ID & Passcode

  3. 03

    Enter your passcode

  4. 04

    Under Use Face ID For, select Other Apps

  5. 05

    You should see Royal Bank app there. Switch it on

  6. 06

    You're ready to go

If you don’t use face recognition on your phone already, these instructions from Apple tell you how to set it up.