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Ways to Bank

Sending money abroad

How do I send money abroad?

Making an international payment using the mobile app or Digital Banking is just as secure as it is to make one in branch. You can make a payment to a new or an existing payee, quickly and easily, in the comfort of your home. Criteria apply. 

Find out the exchange rates upfront

With our live rates, you'll see exactly how much you'll pay before you make your international payment.

Compare international payment options

When sending money abroad, you'll pay different amounts depending on when or where you're sending it to and how quickly you need it to arrive.

Send larger payments with biometric registration

If you have registered your biometrics with the Bank, you can use the mobile app or Digital Banking to make an international payment to new and saved payees up to the daily limit of £10,000.00 GBP (Euro equivalent for ROI).

If you have not yet registered  your biometrics with the Bank you can make a payment to:

  • A saved payee via the mobile app up to £10,000.
  • A new payee via our mobile app up to £1,000 (a maximum of 5 payments totalling £1000 per day). 
  • A new or saved payee via Online Banking, up to the daily limit is £10,000 using your card reader, when required.

Select your preferred way of doing it

The quickest route

What you'll need

The latest version of the mobile app.

The recipient's IBAN or account number.

BIC/SWIFT code or NCC number.

Any other country specific requirements.

When paying someone new for the first time you will also need:

Your debit card.

Your enabled card reader.

Your step-by-step guide

Pay an existing payee

If you've made a payment before via the mobile app or Digital Banking, the payee details are automatically saved. You won't need a card reader to complete the transaction if you're using the same payment details.

Pay someone new

It's easy to pay someone new using just your mobile app or Digital Banking.

Download the app

Downloading the Royal Bank app couldn't be easier, follow these three simple steps below.

  1. On your mobile or tablet, go to the App Store if using Apple or Google Play if using Android.
  2. Search for 'Royal Bank of Scotland mobile banking'.
  3. Tap to download the app.

Get the app

Experience easy, quick, secure banking with the Royal Bank app.

Get the app

Experience easy, quick, secure banking with the Royal Bank app.

Online Banking

What you'll need


Your debit card.

Your enabled card-reader.

The recipient's IBAN or Account number.

BIC/SWIFT code or NCC number.

Any other country specific requirements.

Your step-by-step guide:

  1. 01

    Select 'Payments and transfers' from the left hand menu.

  2. 02

    Under the 'International payments' section select 'Make a Payment'.

  3. 03

    If you are setting up a new international payee, select 'Get a quote for paying someone new' then select 'Next'. If you are sending to an existing payee, skip to step 7.

  4. 04

    The next screen will ask you some questions to provide you with a quote in pounds and pence. The quote will have converted the amount you want to pay into local currency and will include the relevant fees.

  5. 05

    Enter the country, the currency, the amount you want to send, how fast you want it sent, and the relevant fee options. The website will give you a quote in pounds and pence of how much it will cost in total. Once done, click ‘Next’.

  6. 06

    Enter the relevant account details, which will vary depending on the country you are sending to. If unsure what they are, click on the information icon next to the required details on the website.

  7. 07

    You’ll also need to enter a reference for the payment, the account you want it to leave from, and the date you want it to be sent. Once done, select ‘Next’.

  8. 08

    You’ll be given a summary of all the information you have entered, please check that everything is fine before continuing. You’ll then need to follow the onscreen instructions to authorise the payment with your card reader.

  9. 09

    Once the card reader has been enabled, select ‘Confirm’ to send the payment.

  10. 10

    You're done! Click below to send your International Payment with Digital Banking now.