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Earthquakes have devastated parts of Turkey and Syria leaving millions in need of urgent support. People need help now. Thousands of buildings, including hospitals and schools, have collapsed and infrastructure has been badly damaged.

The first 7.8 magnitude quake hit in the early hours of the morning when people were sleeping. There have been a number of aftershocks and a second 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Local responders are searching through the rubble for survivors.

People have been left without shelter in freezing winter conditions, with humanitarian needs expected to grow in the coming days. Access to clean water will likely be a challenge, bringing the risk of cholera and other diseases.

DEC charities and their local partners are among the first responders, working with locally-led relief efforts. Immediate priorities are medical treatment for the injured, shelter for those who have lost their homes, heaters for spaces and winter kits with blankets, and warm clothes, and ensuring people have food and clean water.

People urgently need help. If you can, please donate now.

The DEC is a registered charity, no. 1062638

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