Supporting you with each step - Helping you bank at home using Digital Banking

Helping you bank at home using Online Banking

How Digital Banking can help


Move money between your accounts, pay bills, friends and family and more. Criteria applies


Set up weekly balance alerts, Act Now Alerts, Arranged overdraft alerts and more


Chat to Cora, our digital assistant, she's available 24/7 for any queries you may have


Reduce paper waste and clutter by switching to paperless statements and letters

How to set up Digital Banking

Our video and step by step guides are here to make it easy for you to registered for and start using Digital Banking.

Register for Digital Banking

Watch our quick video for step by step instructions to help you get registered for Digital Banking.

How to log in and check your balance

Once registered you can easily check your balance using Digital Banking.

Forgotten your log in details

Forgotten your log in details? No problem. Watch our video showing the simple process to get you back up and running.

How to videos

Quick videos guides to help you bank at home using Direct Banking

Card Reader

When you register for Digital Banking a card reader will automatically be sent to you and should arrive within 7 working days.


When you receive your first card reader you will need to enable it before you can start using it.


If you have previously enabled your card reader then you shouldn’t need to enable it again.


Should you need to order a replacement card reader this can be done through Digital Banking, please allow up to 7 working days for the card reader to reach you.

Enable your card reader

Once you have your card reader you will need to enable it.

How to order a card reader

To order a replacement card reader watch the below video or read our step-by-step guide.

Make payments and transfers in Digital Banking

You can make a range of payments easily and securely with Digital Banking. The most common payments are payments to someone you have paid before, new payments and transfers between your Royal Bank accounts.


Find out how you can make these payments from Digital Banking.

Pay someone you have paid before

How to send money to someone you have paid before.

How to make a new payment

Find out how to make a payment to someone new.

Make a transfer

There are two ways you can do this:

Option 1

To make an immediate transfer, you can use the 'Quick Transfer' box to the left of the 'Account summary' page.

Option 2

To make an immediate transfer or one which is scheduled to go later, Select 'Payments and transfers' then select 'Make a payment or transfer' and follow the on-screen instructions.

Manage your regular payments

Through Digital Banking you can easily manage all your standing orders and Direct Debits. You have full control to view, create and cancel these regular payments from the comfort of home. 

View and cancel a standing order

Using Digital Banking you can easily view all your existing standing orders and cancel the ones you no longer need.

Create a new standing order

With Digital Banking you have full control to set up your own standing orders. Set the amount, frequency and when you want it to end.

View or cancel a Direct Debit

Did you know you can view all your Direct Debits using Digital Banking? If you have agreed with a company to stop a Direct Debit you can even cancel it from within Digital Banking.

Manage your statements

You can view up to seven years' worth of account statements in Digital Banking.

Download your bank statements

Download, save and print a PDF version of your statements with Digital Banking.

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