Managing the impact

How is your business coping with rising costs?

See how rising costs might affect you

Mr MoneyJar’s six ways to keep on top of business costs

Timi Merriman-Johnson, an award-winning financial content creator, podcaster, and founder of financial education company Mr MoneyJar, tells us how he's saving on his business costs right now.

Tools to assess your situation

Predict your cashflow


In the current climate, it’s important to get a clear view of your cash flow. Our cash flow template and resources could help.

Strengthen your supply chain

Supply chains are under strain because of rising costs. Learn what you could do now to protect your business in the long run.

Book a free Financial Health Check

Have a chat with one of our experts. Our Financial Health Check for businesses could help you understand your financial position and create a plan to move forward.

Use our free accounting software

Sort the admin, manage tax and gain insight into your financial position with FreeAgent. It's free with your Royal Bank business current account, for as long as you hold it*.

*Account eligibility applies 

Get a clearer view of credit card spending

If you have a Royal Bank of Scotland business credit card, you can manage your business spending with our app, ClearSpend. It’s available in your web browser and on mobile.

Turn cards on and off, check transactions in real-time, set limits and view your spending patterns.

Business credit cards: Eligibility applies. Fees may apply. 

App eligibility applies.

Everyday ways to save

Cut costs and save time by changing your everyday business banking habits.

From encouraging your customers to pay digitally to planning bulk payments, small changes could make a difference.

Cut costs with greener options

Reducing your carbon impact and switching to more sustainable business solutions could have a positive impact on the planet – and help cut your business costs. We have services and tools that could support your transition.

Spot the early warning signs of financial difficulty

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