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Manage your account

How to set up a standing order, manage signatories and other things you can do quickly and easily on your account.

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Help logging in

We have a number of solutions to help you. Answer a few questions and we can help you get access again.

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Support centre

Digital banking help, 24/7 messaging, and quick support with Cora, our digital assistant. Our support centre is there to help you.

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Digital Banking

How to apply for Digital Banking

You can do most everyday banking and related tasks online 24/7, wherever you are. This video shows you how to apply for Digital Banking and some key things to know, so we can get you online as soon as possible.

Video support hub

We’ve created step by step video tutorials to help you easily complete tasks when using the mobile app.

We put your safety and security first

Use biometric approval to confirm it’s really you

You are your strongest password, so why not use your face (or voice which is coming soon) to approve your every day banking needs and keep your accounts even more secure.

Biometric Approval* using the mobile app gives you a handy alternative to a card reader. 

*Biometric approval is available to eligible mobile app customers aged 16+

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Authorise payments with peace of mind

Explore the different ways to securely authorise payments, as well as the payment types and features supported on Online Banking and the Mobile App; to help you make efficient payments for your business.

Have you received an unexpected call from us? 

Fraudsters often target businesses by pretending to be us and may tell you there is a suspicious transaction on your account.

Remember, we’ll never ask you to disclose Digital Banking card reader codes or download screen sharing software. For more information, visit our security centre

Message us anytime on WhatsApp

For help with your Business Banking queries, you can now chat with us securely on WhatsApp. 

Get to know Digital Banking

Top Features

Digital Banking is secure, easy to use, convenient and gives you all the tools you need to manage your money online.

A few of our top features:

  • View all your account balances
  • Make payments to staff and suppliers
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Access up to seven years of statements
  • Free security tools to keep you safe
  • Add up to 50 accounts
  • Video support tutorials
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Getting Started

If you're a Royal Bank of Scotland customer and would like to use Digital Banking then you'll first need to register.

Once registered why not:

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Ready to make the most of Digital Banking?

New to Royal Bank?

Digital Banking is available to customers who have a Royal Bank account. To view our accounts, select one from the accounts menu. 

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Not registered for online

If you're a new customer or have not set up Digital Banking ever before then you will need to first register. 

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Already registered?

If you're new to Digital Banking then why not learn about some of the great features it has and how to make the most of it. 

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Compare online options

Compare features on Digital Banking with Bankline and Mobile Banking Features.
There are charges for some transactions in Digital Banking.

Apply for Digital Banking

Sole trader

  • It only takes a few minutes to apply for Digital Banking and if you have a business debit card, you may get instant access to your accounts.
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Not a sole trader

  • Complete the online form with your personal and business details.
  • Trust accounts- We are unable to provide Digital Banking for two to sign trust accounts or one to sign trust accounts where the trustee does not have the power to authorise transactions.
  • Limited company- if you choose not to give your chairperson(s) access to Digital Banking contact us to discuss your request.
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