Digital Banking and the Mobile App

Videos to support you using Digital Banking and the Mobile App

Making payments

Make secure and efficient payments

This video covers different payment types and features to support your business.

Always be sure who you're paying

Key advice to reduce the risk of your business being scammed. 

The Mobile App

Biometric approval is available to eligible mobile app customers aged 16+.

Biometric approval on the Mobile App

Learn how to stay secure with biometric approval.

Deposit cheques on the Mobile App

Discover how to desposit a cheque from the office or on the go.

Don't have the app?

There's no time like the present. Especially when it comes to the security of your banking. To register for the mobile app, all you need to do is download it, open it up, and follow the instructions on screen.

How to get support

How to contact us

Watch this video to find out the ways you can get in touch.

Meet Cora, your digital assistant

See how Cora can help with your everyday business banking needs.

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Learn with Digital Lessons

Our Digital Lessons are designed to help you get started and get the most out of Royal Bank of Scotland's Digital Banking service or Mobile banking app. Join one of our sessions, and build confidence when banking for your business.

Manage your account

How to change your business details

Explore the different ways to update your details held with us.

Products that integrate with Digital Banking and the Mobile App

What's FreeAgent accounting software?

See how FreeAgent could help in your business.

Request payment by link - Payit

This video shows how Payit could support your business.

Business accounting software


Our accounting software, FreeAgent, integrates seamlessly with your bank account to help you feel confident about your business finances. Even better, it's free for customers who retain their Royal Bank of Scotland business current account. Optional add-ons may be chargeable.

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Send and recieve customer payments


Payit from Royal Bank of Scotland is the way to send and receive customer payments without the need for bank or card details. Using Open Banking technology, Payit lets banks talk directly to each other, so you can pay and get quicker. Plus, your customers don't need to bank with Royal Bank of Scotland to use it.

*Eligibility criteria and fees apply

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Biometric approval

You are your strongest password, so why not use your face (or voice which is coming soon) to approve your every day banking needs and keep your accounts even more secure.

Biometric Approval using the mobile app gives you a handy alternative to a card reader.

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Anything else we can help with?

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