Biometric approval

Keeping you safe

What is biometric approval?

You are your strongest password. Keep your accounts safe with your face. Biometric approval lets you authorise your business banking actions using the mobile app instead of a card reader. It uses your front camera to recognise the things that make your face unique, so we know it’s you. It'll feel a bit like using face recognition, but with enhanced tech in the background it's more secure. 

You can use it when you're updating your details, making a payment over £750 in the app, and more. Check out the highlights below.

You take a photo of yourself. We encrypt this and store it securely in our database. When you use biometric approval in the app, we’ll compare your face to your photo.

Why you’ll love it


Park the card reader

You can use biometric approval instead of your card reader in Digital Banking. Tuck your reader away somewhere safe in case you need it in future.

Manage payees

Manage payees

Edit payee names or references, and delete payees you don't need any more.

Open Banking

Open Banking payments

You can make a payment through Open Banking to new payees.

Why do you need biometric approval?

Make payments

Make payments over the £750 mobile daily limit

Make and approve payments from £750 to £50k to new and existing payees. And set a daily payment limit within the mobile app. (i) The daily payment limit you set needs to be within the daily limit for Digital Banking. Limits can vary depending on what kind of accounts you have (eg business or personal) and what kind of payment you’re trying to make.

Update your details

Update your details

Use biometric approval to update your important details, like your business address, statement address, and personal information.

Recurring payments

Manage standing orders

You can set up and amend standing orders using your biometrics as that extra layer of protection.

How to set up biometric approval

Got the app?

To register your face, you just need the app on a mobile with a forward-facing camera.

  • On the app, tap your initials icon in the top corner to get to My Profile
  • Tap Settings and then Biometric approval
  • Tap Set up now
  • Follow the instructions on screen to register your face biometric

If you don’t have notifications on, we’ll ask you to turn them on. This will help when you need to approve something.

Biometric approval in action

Watch how biometric approval works when you’re making a payment.

Biometric approval FAQs

Don’t have the app?

There's no time like the present. Especially when it comes to the security of your banking. To register for the mobile app, all you need to do is download it, open it up, and follow the instructions on screen.

Fight fraud

Fraud and scam prevention, detection, and remediation is at the heart of what we do. And we’re investing more time and money than ever before to protect you and your money.

To find out more about how fraudsters work and how to protect yourself, explore our guides:

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