Where can I find help for a problem with my Business debit card?

Where can I find help for a problem with my Business debit card?

If you have had a problem with a debit card, please select which of the following it relates to:

Debit card payments/problems

Debit card payments/problems

I still haven’t received my debit card

When your debit card will arrive can very depending on a range of circumstances. You can view our 'when will my debit card arrive' FAQ for more information.

My debit card has been lost, stolen or damaged

You can report lost, stolen or damaged debit or savings cards through your Online Banking.

My debit card is blocked

If your card has blocked during a chip and PIN payment in a retailer, you need to visit a Natwest or Royal Bank of Scotland ATM.

Insert your card and go to PIN services to unblock if you know your PIN or order PIN re-advice if you've forgotten it. If you have entered your PIN incorrectly at an ATM and blocked it, you will need to contact our Telephone Banking team(opens in a new window) to order a PIN re-advice and wait for it to unblock overnight.

If you do know your correct PIN you will be able to use it next day. If not you will have to wait for the re-advice to be received.

I don’t recognise a Visa debit transaction

If you need further information on a debit card payment you don’t recognise, you can view our card payment support page.

I need help with using my debit card abroad

You can get more information on how to use your debit card abroad on our debit card support page(opens in a new window). Remember, you should always let us know before you travel if you do wish to use your card abroad to help prevent any issues or delays with the services you need.

What is the difference between a standard debit card and a fully authorised debit card?

The fully authorised debit card may not be accepted in some unattended point of sale terminals, e.g. petrol pumps and other self-service devices. These cards can only be used where the retailer or service provider can authorise the transaction with us at the time the transaction is made.

Debit card PIN

Debit card PIN

Contactless payments

Contactless payments

The limit for contactless payments is £30 per transaction. Contactless payments can take up to 4 days to debit from your account and affect your available balance. Some may take even longer.

Some contactless payments don’t show on your balance immediately and you can see more information on our 'why don't contactless payments show in my balance immediately' FAQ.

View our debit card payment(opens in a new window) for further information that may help you to avoid going into an unauthorised overdraft when using contactless payments.

Debit card charges