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TrustAssured is an enabling service that supports secure access to the Payment Services Website (PSW) and a key requirement for accessing the Bacs Scheme via the Payment Services Website (PSW). TrustAssured provide the hardware and security solution through physical smartcards and readers and a Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution that is delivered by two third parties (Thales and IdenTrust).

Customer & business benefits

  • Conduct business securely over the Internet.
  • Enables customers to migrate high value  and/or sensitive activity over the Internet.
  • Have confidence that the party they are transacting with is who they say they are.
  • Prevent files being tampered with.
  • Can reduce costs and remove paper from the system.
  • Can increase efficiency and improve productivity.
  • The TrustAssured service has been successfully white labelled for six other financial institutions.

From 2024 we will start to roll-out Websigner compatible readers to all existing users of the service, free of charge.

TrustAssured helpdesk

For all queries on TrustAssured, please contact the helpdesk on 0370 156 6680 (option 1).