Invoice Finance

Manage your invoices with FacFlow

Access and manage your invoice finance facilities securely online, and at any time with FacFlow. Log in to your account below.

Step by step tutorials

FacFlow invoice discounting

Step-by-step guides to help you learn how to login to FacFlow and discover more about its functions.

Go paperless with FacFlow

We now offer a paperless service via FacFlow, so you can receive all communication and information about your account online.

  • Convenient: access, view and save your statement history for the past 13 months.
  • Secure: reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft that comes with paper statements.
  • Fast: you’ll be notified when your monthly statements are available to view days sooner than you’d receive printed versions.

To set up the paperless option on FacFlow, log in and go to the administration menu. Then, opt in for monthly E-Statements and E-Letters.

Our Invoice Finance products

Asset Based Lending

Release cash from your existing assets
  • Could be ideal if cash is locked up in existing assets
  • Could help improve your business cashflow
  • Could help your business wants to make acquisitions
  • Your business must have a minimum turnover of £6.5m 

Invoice Discounting

A simple way to improve cashflow
  • Could be ideal if cash is locked up in outstanding invoices
  • You could get up to 90% of the money you're owed within 24 hours
  • You collect the money - so you need robust ledger control
  • Your business must have a minimum turnover of £300k

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