How do I change my business name?

How do I change my business name?

If you have access to Digital Banking or the mobile app

You can change your business name with Cora, our digital assistant.

Simply log in to Digital Banking at www.digitalbanking.rbs.co.uk (opens in a new window) , click 'Need help', then 'Chat Now', or when on the mobile app, click 'Help', then "Chat to Cora" and ask Cora to 'change business name'. Cora will process the request, without needing to transfer you to a person.

If you haven't got Digital Banking or the mobile app

Limited companies can change their business name using our digital form below.

Change Business Details Form

The form will ask you for the email addresses of the people with signing permissions on the account.

We'll then email your signatories and ask them to authorise the request by uploading an image of their signature.

For any other business type, you'll need to send us a written request by post, including the following details:

  • Written authorisation from the signatories on the account approving the name change (a one to sign account would require one signature, two-to-sign would require two signatories)
  • Sort Code
  • Account Numbers
  • Existing account name
  • Details of the new account name
  • A copy of your Certificate of Incorporation
  • Reason for the change and date that it will come into effect

The request should then be sent directly to:

Chatham Customer Service Centre
Waterside Court
Chatham Maritime
Chatham Kent

Once received, and as long as all paperwork is complete and accurate, requests will be actioned within two to three business days.

For more help managing your account, please visit our Managing Your Accounts Hub.