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A Tyl Payment Gateway opens a new world of possibilities...

Get customers buying directly from your website, or generate payment links using your NatWest mobile app and our Virtual Terminal. With the payment gateway, links integrate easily with FreeAgent accounting software, making invoices actionable straightaway. 

Get started today and pay no monthly fees for a whole year^ (then £14.95 a month), transaction fees apply.

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What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is the technology that businesses use to accept payments from their customers. It can help validate a customer’s card details, and ensure their information and funds are transferred securely when a purchase is made. A secure online payment gateway encrypts the personal data of the cardholder, which could help reduce you and your customers’ exposure to fraud.

Whether your customers are paying online or through a payment link, our PCI compliant gateway for payments could give everyone some peace of mind.

3 ways to host a page and stay on brand


The ‘classic’ checkout option, where you can split the payment process into multiple pages.

Simple Form

The ‘simpleform’ checkout option, which is a basic form that only captures key information such as the card number.

Combined page

The ‘combinedpage’ checkout option, where the payment method choice and next step is consolidated onto a single page


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