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Complete your cash and coin order collection below giving at least 24 notice to your chosen branch. You can order your change up to 7 days in advance.

Orders are for Business Customers Only (Personal Customers can withdraw or exchange up to 5 sachets of coin per day from your local Branch)

You can arrange to collect your order from an NatWest branch by using the following page, NatWest Cash/Coin order

This form is not for cash withdrawals. If you need a cash withdrawal, please contact your normal bank point of contact or visit or local branch.

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Before filling out your collection details, check the opening hours of your preferred branch here: https://locator-rbs.co.uk/

  • Your request may not be processed if you choose a time outside of branch opening hours.
  • Please give your branch at least 24 hours notice for orders. 
  • If the branch you’d like to collect from is not included on the list, please call us on 0345 600 2230.
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Use our branch locator to check when you can collect your order.

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Please note

  • Please give your branch at least 24 hours notice for orders.
  • Please ensure you bring photographic ID if you wish to debit the order from your account. 
  • Accounts will only be debited as per mandated instructions and will not be debited until your order is collected.
  • Please note that orders over £5,000 which are not collected on the due date will have to be re-ordered.