Bankline Direct APIs

Offering a real time solution, 24/7

Why choose APIs?

The new economy is always-on, fuelled by 24/7 e-commerce and the continued rise in mobile and online payments.

This creates a need for treasuries to automate and optimise back-office processes – and become more influential than ever across their organisations’ activities.

Bankline Direct’s API solution offers commercial and corporate customers a secure, reliable, 24/7 connection method with real-time availability, payments and reconciliation using the latest API technology.

APIs designed with you in mind


Our APIs are always on and able to grow with your business

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Industry-standard protocols ensure robust authentication and data encryption

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Send payments on demand and dynamically, not batch

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Future-proof with real-time reporting data and always on notifications

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How can Bankline Direct APIs benefit me?

We understand every payment you make is business critical; our APIs enable you to transact and get account information instantly without leaving your enterprise system. 


We offer the following APIs for Royal Bank of Scotland corporate, commercial and non-banking financial institutions.

Commercial Payments and Reconciliation API

Integrating with this API will allow you to drive cost efficiencies and reduce manual tasks while having the ability to:

  • make domestic Faster Payments, CHAPS and international payments using ISO 20022 Pain.003 (JSON)
  • receive real-time Payment Status Notifications in ISO 20022 Pain.002 (JSON)
  • receive account balance and transaction reporting

Access our developer documentation in the Bank of APIs portal*.

*Registration is required and content is access controlled.

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AutoPay Bacs API

With this API, you’ll be able to submit Bacs payments unattended and seamlessly through AutoPay Direct as well as having the ability to:

  • create payment files, instructions and templates
  • review and update status notifications
  • access Bacs reports to easily highlight rejected payments and collections.


Security may be required. Subject to status and eligibility criteria, Fees apply.

You must hold a business current account with Royal Bank of Scotland, and you will need to agree to the Autopay Online terms and conditions (PDF, 405KB).

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A whole package, not just a product

Bankline Direct is an innovative, secure and scalable solution, but it’s more than just a product. You also benefit from our commitment to our customers, our years of experience and a solid API-focused strategy. 

Dedicated support

A dedicated Implementation Manager will support you with the onboarding process and help you establish seamless integration with your existing Treasury Management System (TMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

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24/7 specialist helpdesk

Once your API is live, you’ll have access to our specialist helpdesk and on-call support outside of normal working hours.

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Sandbox environment

A sandbox environment is available to allow self-serve format validation and enable faster onboarding. 

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ISO ready

Our payment APIs use industry-standard security and ISO 20022 formats future proof your operations.

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How does it work?

Get in touch

Tell us you’re interested and we’ll grant you access to the developer documentation

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Connect & build

Build your connection to us alongside the support of a dedicated Implementation Manager

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Test & prove

Test your formats in our sandbox environment and prove end-to-end before you go live

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Go live

Once your API is up and running you’ll have the support of our specialist helpdesk 24/7

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Required Expertise

To ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding experience onto our APIs, you or your third party supplier will need to have knowledge and experience in:

  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) – the format used for all messaging associated with our APIs.

  • JavaScript Web Token (JWT) – used to transmit signed payloads between our customers and our APIs. 

  • Secure Sockets Layer/Mutual Transport Layer Security (SSL/mTLS) – used to encrypt the link between our customers and our APIs.

  • Representational state transfer (REST) APIs – an architectural style for use with web-based APIs. 

  • Digital Certificates – used to prove the authenticity of communications.


Interested in Bankline Direct APIs?

If you’re an existing Royal Bank of Scotland customer, you can get in touch with your Relationship Manager directly.

You can connect into Bankline Direct using an API, other options are avaliable.

Bankline Direct is available to  Royal Bank of Scotland business account customers who meet the specific eligibility criteria.  Fees apply.

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