Do you really know who you’re paying?

Confirmation of Payee

What is CoP?

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is a name checking service that checks the name of the account holder you intend to pay, along with their account details when making a new single sterling UK payment or a single CHAPS payment using Bankline.

The CoP check has been introduced to help reduce fraud and to give you more confidence when making payments.

How does it work?

Payments made to you

It’s important you give whoever is making a payment into your account, your business or trading name that’s registered on your account.

If your account name changes then don’t forget to let people know.

Information Message

Payments you make

When you set up a new single sterling UK payment, or change an existing one, a CoP check will be made against the name on the account you want to pay by their bank. 

Information Message

The CoP check will generate one of four responses.


You’ll receive confirmation all the details match.

Close Match

This means the name on the account doesn’t exactly match what you have provided.

No Match

It’s not a match, contact the person or business you are trying to pay to confirm the correct details.


There may be occasions when a CoP check is unavailable.

You must remember to:

  • Contact the person or business you’re making the payment to, to check the name on their account
  • If you’re paying a person, use their first and last name
  • If you’re paying a business, use the business or trading name registered to their account
  • When prompted to do so, please make sure you select the correct type of account for the person or business you are paying

Avoid scams and help reduce fraud

The CoP check can help you avoid making new single sterling UK payments or single CHAPS payments using Bankline to the wrong account, as well as supporting the fight against fraud and scams.

When checking the payment details, it’s important to contact the person or business on a number you trust.

  • Never use the phone number from an email or text exchange which can be faked by the criminal to trick you into believing it’s genuine.       
  • Never be pressurised into continuing with the payment when the details don’t fully match or where the account can’t be checked

Visit our security centre to learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud.

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