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Use our currency converter to see our current live foreign exchange rates and how much you'd be sending or receiving in your chosen currencies.

The rates shown here apply to transactions related to Business Current Accounts. Different rates may apply to Personal banking transactions. The rates are indicative only and may go up or down. The rate will only be confirmed when a payment is fully processed.

The indicative rates you’ll see on our FX calculator include a margin.  The margin changes depending on how much you send or receive. The margin is the difference between our exchange rate and the wholesale rate at which we buy and sell currency in the foreign exchange markets. These rates do not apply to currency notes or travellers cheques.

The following non-core payment currencies can only be sent from your GBP, USD or EUR bank account: BRL, EGP, ISK, KRW, MYR, PKR, PHP, RON, LKR & TWD. Payments in CNY and the non-core currencies are only available via Bankline.

These are live rates and they may change. You'll see the final rate when you make a payment.

Making international payments

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