Running your business

How to run your business
day to day

Forecast and manage your cash flow

Forecasting your cash flow

Our super simple Excel template helps you forecast and manage your cash flow and plan your cash reserves. Use it to work out if you could adjust your costs to make your money work harder and last longer.

Managing your cash flow

It’s a sad fact that a lot of businesses fail due to cash flow issues. So, knowing and understanding how cash flow works is important for business owners. Discover our five steps to make your cash flow better.

A business bank account with more

Our business bank account offers flexible everyday banking to suit your business, with no minimum monthly charge.

You'll also get free account software from FreeAgent. It links directly with your bank account to make keeping track of your invoices and expenses a breeze. Learn more about FreeAgent.

FreeAgent is free subject to customers retaining their Royal Bank business banking current account.

Take card payments

Make business easier by taking online payments anywhere, any time. Tyl could do that for you, whether that’s online, by phone or card machine. It’s backed by NatWest with bank-grade security too, which is good news for you and your customers.

Fees and eligibility criteria apply. See Tyl website for T&Cs.

Help with business support and staffing

Speak to a HR consultant

Help from one of the UK’s leading employment law, HR, health and safety and environmental consultancy services sounds good, doesn’t it? MentorDigital from Royal Bank can support you to get back to business and thrive. Consultants work with you to get to know your business and your objectives.

Could MentorDigital help your business?

Please note that Mentor's services incur a cost.

Please note that Mentor's services incur a cost.

Getting the most from your staff

Keeping your employees motivated is key to them feeling passionate about what they do and proud of the business they work for. Our tips can boost engagement and make your workforce feel valued to give their best every day.

Level up your workforce

Giving your existing staff more skills is a great way to develop them (and your business). Our tips on getting learning right in the workplace could help your business to flourish.

Building a digital business

A website is the obvious place to start promoting your business, or potentially selling to customers. If you don’t have one yet, then our guide could help you to set one up. And if you’re already online, then our tips and advice could see your business grow.

Next step: Planning and growth

In business it’s always a good idea to think about what’s coming next. Our tips for growing your business include looking after your money, strategies for growth and ways you could finance any potential business expansion, plus lots more ideas as well.

Something else we can help you with?

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