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About Social & Community Capital

Supporting our communities

As a community venture, you can make a big positive impact. With our strong heritage of supporting community-based businesses, we’re doing more to help.

How we can help

Maybe you need funding to get off the ground. Perhaps you need the networks or supply chains to grow and evolve. We’re there to support you at every stage of the journey, from starting up to expanding your impact on the world.

Community business loan

We offer alternative funding to business charities and social enterprises who don't qualify for mainstream loans.

Our community business loans offer funding from £30,000 to £750,000 with flexible terms and repayments holidays including access to sector experts. 

Our support so far

In the last five years, Social & Community Capital has approved over £10 million in loans to more than 80 organisations throughout the UK. Our ambition is to increase the size and strength of this important sector of the UK economy. Here are some examples of the social ventures we've supported.

Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust

The Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust (GVVT) uses its incredible collection of restored vehicles to encourage community engagement and generate social inclusion.

Sole of Discretion

The mission of Sole of Discretion is to provide high quality, sustainably sourced and traceable fish for consumers.

Coal Rooms

The Coal Rooms want to see a world where homelessness is reduced through trade, where stigma is eliminated, economic potential is realised, and homeless people are valued members of society.

Institute for Optimum Nutrition

The Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) was first established in 1984 to “advance education of the public and health professionals in all matters relating to nutrition”

Sandhaven and Pitullie

Sandhaven and Pitullie Harbour used to be one of the best harbours on the Moray Firth. Through a loan bridging facility, various projects have been carried out.

Harmony Community Trust

Harmony Community Trust is all about bringing people together. It does this at Glebe House, a unique and special place in Northern Ireland that children, young people and adults have been visiting since 1975.

S&CC Coronavirus Response

In response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we offered £1 million in grants to social enterprises and trading charities that employ people from disadvantaged or vulnerable groups.

20th Anniversary Grants

In January 2020, Social and Community Capital launched its 20th anniversary grant programme, offering seven £20,000 grants to social enterprises, charities and community businesses around the UK.

Others we have supported

See more businesses and social ventures we have helped. 

Our impact report

We aim to provide access to appropriate financial and business support to viable social enterprises, charities and community businesses unable to access mainstream finance. Read our most recent impact report to see what we have achieved.

Meet the team

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Our partners

We work with a range of organisations to help community and social enterprises. From helping neighbourhoods thrive to providing helpful facts and figures behind the latest developments, our partners could help you.

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