What is WhatsApp and how does the bank use it?

What is WhatsApp and how does the bank use it

WhatsApp or WhatsApp Messenger is a text and voice service owned by Facebook that can be downloaded as an app and run on most mobile devices. You can find out more about how to use WhatsApp via https://www.whatsapp.com/ (opens in a new window).

You can chat to us on WhatsApp securely for help with your business banking queries. You’ll notice the WhatsApp symbol on our business banking pages for when you’re able to start a conversation with us.

How secure is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption is used when you message another person using WhatsApp Messenger. Specifically, to WhatsApp Business Messaging, every WhatsApp message is protected by the same Signal encryption protocol that secures messages before they leave your device.

When you message a WhatsApp business account such as the bank’s, your message is delivered securely. Find out more about WhatsApp’s Privacy on https://www.whatsapp.com/privacy/ (opens in a new window).

Please be aware that you should utilise your device’s security settings to prevent unauthorised access to your WhatsApp conversations.

You’ll always see a WhatsApp Green tick next to our contact name when you’re chatting to us on WhatsApp. Always make sure this is visible before responding to us – if it’s not there, then it’s not us.

And remember:

  • We’ll never ask you for your full pin or password
  • We’ll never ask you to move money to a ‘safe’ account
  • If you’re ever unsure, stop the conversation and contact us on a number you trust.

You can find more information on text message fraud on our Business Security Hub.

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