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About the service

The quickest and easiest way to get an audit confirmation is by using our digital service, powered by Confirmation. We aim to respond to digital requests within 12 working days.

Not using confirmation yet?

You can register for Confirmation online at www.confirmation.com in just a few simple steps.

Already using Confirmation?

Great - you’ll get a quicker response than email, fax or post (which can take up to 25 working days).

Why should I use the online service?

  • It’s quick - we aim to respond to digital requests within 12 working days
  • Secure and reliable online service to exchange your clients’ confidential information
  • Simple electronic authorisation process for every client
  • Traceable record of activity for every online request 
  • They’ll answer any questions you might have via email customer.support@confirmation.com.

How to request audit confirmation using Confirmation?

You only need to send us your request once as any duplicate requests may delay the processing time. The service is available to any customer that holds business accounts or services with the Royal Bank.


Our charges for audit confirmation requests from 14th November 2022 onwards are:

  • £25 + VAT for a standard* request for 9 accounts or less
  • £50 + VAT for a standard* request with 10 or more accounts to be included
  • An additional £25 + VAT charge if a full* audit report is required (this would include derivative, trade or commodities products)
  • An additional £15 + VAT charge if the request is sent from the auditor via post, email or fax.  This charge is not applied if the request comes via our digital service, provided by Confirmation.

* A standard audit includes all bank accounts, loans and securities.  A full audit includes features of a standard audit plus derivatives, trade and commodities products.

Our guide to submitting your audit request

Got a query?

Please don’t chase an audit confirmation request until both the audit date and the timescales advised by the bank have elapsed.

A small proportion of requests require additional information from other departments that may delay requests beyond our 12-day target. During peak periods response times may be slower

When you've already got your audit report via Confirmation.com you'll need to issue a re-confirmation request via the Confirmation.com online portal.  For example, if you believe an account is missing from the completed audit report.

When you're waiting to receive your audit report via Confirmation.com, for example, when will the bank's report be produced, please contact the Confirmation support team on:

  • Telephone (online requests only): 0203 770 5450
  • Relay UK (online requests only): 18001 0203 770 5450
  • Email (online requests only): customer.support@confirmation.com

Other ways to request audit confirmation

You can also send the audit confirmation request by post, email or fax. It may take up to 25 working days after we've received your request.

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