Making Payments


Indirect PSPs can submit payment files to BACS directly via the electronic connection called “Bacstel-IP”.  BACS payments have a three working days cycle: they are entered into the system on the first day, processed on the second day, and are debited and credited on the third day. 

Bank Grade

Bank Grade status is a BACS facility that enables a Service User to submit specific transaction types that are appropriate to a PSP where there is a business need. The use of Bank Grade status is recommended for customer originated payments, as it allows the remitting sort code and account number of each transaction to be shown, thus enabling compliance with EU Directives on Money Laundering. We will consider providing Bank Grade status to indirect PSPs with BACS enabled sort codes.

Under BACS scheme sponsorship rules only indirect PSPs who are Credit Institutions are permitted to sub-sponsor their own customers, authorise a bureaux or use the Current Account Switching service.

BACS A Services enables a sponsored indirect PSP to submit Payment Returns and Messaging advices to other Bacs Service Users. It offers a choice of submission methods:

Manually to a screen based solution via BACS' Payment Services website; or

By a file based solution (compiling a batch of messages and / or return payments in their own system and creating a file to submit directly into BACS).

Chaps and Faster Payments

Indirect PSPs can make payments via Bankline (browser), and Bankline Direct (indirect PSP with or without own sort code).


Bankline is our strategic electronic banking platform. It provides the ability to:-

View balances and transaction data in real-time.

View reports, which include end of day statements, historical balance reports and payment advices.

Use payments and transfer capabilities, including CHAPS, Faster Payments, SEPA Payments, International Payments and inter account transfers. Users with appropriate privileges can authorise payments from any location in the world.

Import and export account information for reconciliation purposes.

The ‘Financial Institution/PSP’ marker on Bankline can provide Indirect PSPs with a “By Order of” narrative. This means that the beneficiary is able to determine the name of the person on behalf of whom the Indirect PSP is sending the payment (with their name, address and account number included with the transaction). To support anti-money laundering prevention, full remitter details are provided on all incoming receipts.

Bankline is available to those who have a Royal Bank of Scotland Business current account. Fees may apply.

Bankline Direct

Bankline Direct is an automated payment and reporting solutions which integrates your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Treasury Management Systems (TMS) seamlessly with the bank. The integration creates a two way direct communication channel, which is supported with sophisticated protocols.  Indirect PSPs can quickly and easily send a single transaction or a file containing multiple domestic or international payments, and receive comprehensive payments status updates and reports.

Key benefits

Connectivity and Security

Bankline Direct offers a choice of secure connectivity options through internet-based solutions, such as Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Connect: Direct Secure +, as well as through the SWIFT Network via. SWIFTNet FileAct and SWIFTNet Fin.

Bankline Direct also offers additional digital signing and encryption options for enhanced security. These options include: a Hardware Security Module (HSM) or Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). 

Acknowledgements and Reporting

File Acknowledgements

If you have sent a payment file via Bankline Direct, initial validation is performed on the file. If your file is successful then a positive File Status Notification is returned to you. If the file contains errors or is a duplicate, a negative File Status Notification (FSN) will be sent, to alert you of the reason for failure.

Payment Acknowledgements

Bankline Direct will provide you with payment acknowledgements for payments that have not been successful and will include the reason for rejection.


Account information reports (statements) will provide information such as balance and transaction details. We offer a range of industry standard formats such as SWIFT MT and IS0 20022 XML. The most commonly used reports are;

  • End of Day Reports
    End of Day reports contain information such as last night’s ledger balances, and cleared balances, as well as the transaction details for the previous day’s payments. 
  • Intra Day Reports
    You can choose the frequency of your intraday reports, which depending on your format will include updated balances, plus any transactions not included on previous intraday reports. 

Suitable for Financial Institutions

Bankline Direct offers Financial Institutions the capability to make Bank Grade payments or Non Bank Grade payments. 

Bankline Direct supports Faster Payments, CHAPS and International Payments made and received on behalf of your clients. Details of payments made to your Sort Code are reported via the Bankline Direct service, enabling you to meet regulatory requirements for updating your clients’ accounts.

Fees and charges may apply, please speak to your Relationship Manager for more details.

Image Clearing System

Indirect PSPs can issue cheques to customers drawn on their sort code and receive credits directly to this sort code, which is set out below.

Cheques and credits are processed via the recently introduced Image Clearing System. Cheque imaging is the process that enables images of cheques to be exchanged between banks and building societies, through the Image Clearing System, for clearing and payments. 

Out Cheque Clearing

We can process cheque pay-ins and credits on your behalf for presentation to the Image Clearing System. You can distribute credits via branches or deliver them direct to one of our Voucher Processing Centres. 

In Credit Clearing

Your customers can pay-in using paper credits at bank counters (where arrangements have been made upfront), if you have provided them with Bank Giro Credit vouchers. These credits, drawn on your sort code, will be received via the Clearing System and we will credit your nominated settlement account with the consolidated value on a daily basis. Details of the individual credits may be provided electronically via Data Services to allow you to update your customer accounts. The cheque images will be provided on Bankline or Data Services.

In Debit Clearing

Your customers can issue cheques on their current accounts, if you provide them with cheque books. These cheques, drawn on your sort code, will be presented for payment via the ICS and we will debit your nominated settlement account for the consolidated value on a daily basis. Details of the individual cheques will be provided electronically via Bankline Exchange Data Services to allow you to update your customer accounts. The cheque images will be provided on Bankline or Data Services.

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