Manage your business payments and deposits


Special Cheques

We can provide you with contact details of accredited printers who can supply special cheque books personalised with your company logo and with the required Image Survivable Features (ISF) for security.

Cheque Scanning

You can now deposit cheques on your mobile banking app without the need to visit a branch. The feature lets users scan an image of the cheque and deposit it via their mobile app wherever they want, 24/7.

Payments Council

The Payments Council has announced the 2018 date for closure of cheque clearing is withdrawn, cheques will continue for as long as customers need them.

Bankline services

If you are a business making large payments regularly, you could benefit from signing up to our *Bankline service. Fees may apply.

Dealing with cheques

There’s a variety of ways to pay in your cheques to us, whether you’re on the go, or in the bank. See what’ll suit you and your business best.

Anything else we can help with?