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Bristol Together

Creating meaningful employment

Since beginning operations in 2011, Bristol Together has developed more than 70 properties in the local community and supported over 60 former prisoners back into work in the process.

About Bristol Together

The organisation creates pathways to meaningful employment for ex-offenders through providing hands on training in the construction industry, accompanied by in-work support and mentoring. The reoffending rate for former prisoners who join Bristol Together’s scheme is astonishingly low.

Raph, a beneficiary of the scheme, explains: “Because I’ve been in prison people look at you like you’re an offender and you’re always going to be like that, rather than giving you a chance…I’ve stuck at it and it’s coming up to two years now. It’s been the longest job I’ve had and probably the best job I’ve had.”

Bristol Together knew its formula worked and wanted to scale the business. They came to Social & Community Capital for help and we were able to provide a loan to allow their business to expand. Nick Bacon, a Director of Bristol Together, explains the benefit of our support: “A lot of people have recognised what a good programme this is and how it’s working so it’s really nice that Social & Community Capital gave us a special rate that allowed us to do more and change more lives.”

A young woman with disabilities is encouraged to ride an adapted bike.

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