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Leadership lessons: How Legacy Hotel Management Services is building resilience

Jim Gordon, co-founder and managing director, shares his tips for navigating the headwinds.

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How to build resilience

Since Legacy Hotel Management Services was started in 2005 by Jim Gordon and CEO Andy Townsend, it has operated and supported more than 100 hotels and leisure assets in the UK, Jersey, Southern Spain, North Macedonia, and Sweden.

Delivering hotel services, operations and development for brands including Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Accor and Best Western it has successfully adapted to digital transformation within the sector. And it has pivoted through major crises including the global financial crisis, a recession, the global pandemic, and the current labour supply shortages.

The business has been proactive in working with Savills to set science-based environmental reporting targets, to help build resilience even further into its existing environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy.

And recent projects with local authorities mean the business is contributing to regional regeneration and helping to create jobs in the leisure industry. By focusing on UK opportunities, Jim says, the business is less exposed to the risks of international expansion. 

Watch our video interview for Jim’s three tips on building resilience to navigate disruption.

Key takeaways on building resilience in a volatile business environment

Demonstrate your transition to a more sustainable future

By setting science-based targets with environmental data reporting, Jim says they’re showing investors and customers how they’re taking steps towards a more sustainable and resilient future. They have already implemented environmentally-led measures by removing single use plastics, increasing recycling, and installing solar panels.

Your people are your business – invest in them

Jim says they have invested in the Legacy team through initiatives such as Investors in People accreditation and cost of living support through improved salary packages, benefits, and training. By continuing to recognise the needs of the team, Jim says the business is helping to build future resilience by retaining great talent.

Create desire in your customers to come back

Your team can be well-trained and delivering a great experience to customers but if your product is not up to scratch then you're unlikely to create repeat custom, says Jim. His business continues its capital investment programme during the current economic crisis “because the time to invest in your product is when times are tough rather than when they're easy.” Consider whether you can create passion around your product or service to gain a competitive advantage and ensure customers get a great experience every single time.

David Scott, our national head of leisure and retail, talks to businesses around the UK about their strategic priorities, how they’re navigating oncoming headwinds, and building resilience. He says: “Jim demonstrates forward thinking that shows Legacy Hotel Management Services cares about customers and staff and is invested in a sustainable future. At a time of rising costs and pressure on liquidity that’s a bold stance but by leveraging data to differentiate customer experience, Jim is helping to future-proof his business.”

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