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Online reviews

Our guide to making the most of online reviews

  1. 01

    Set realistic customer expectations

    Once you’ve decided to commit to asking for reviews from your customers on whichever platform you’ve chosen, you’ll need to commit to answering them too, so everyone gets the same level of service from your business and customers know what to expect from you. 

  2. 02

    Give yourself time to reply to reviews

    Depending on your business type, and what people are reviewing, you may find that you need to reply to a lot of reviews, so make sure you factor in ongoing time to do that. 

  3. 03

    Remember who sees your reviews

    When you reply to reviews, you’re not just talking to customers who’ve bought a product or a service from you, but also potential customers who could also see what you’ve written, and how you come across online. Wherever you’re engaging with customers and potential customers on the web, think about the impact on your business.

  4. 04

    Think why customers use reviews

    Consumers often use reviews from their peers as reassurance when making their decision about visiting a specific place or purchasing a product. Try to look at online comments and reviews as a fantastic opportunity to ensure you’re always offering the best service you possibly can.

  5. 05

    Use what you learn from reviews

    Monitoring your reviews and responding whether they’re good or bad is important. If they’re good then thank the customer and if they aren’t – then apologise and address the issue head on. In cases where customers aren’t happy, deal with issues one-to-one, rather than having it play out in public view. In some cases, the most helpful thing you can do is take the issue offline and speak to the customer directly. 

  6. 06

    What comes after a review?

    Once a customer has bought into your company and written a positive review, how do you keep the conversation going? To keep customers and encourage repeat business, using these platforms to entice customers back is crucial. Offers and incentives to come back and buy again can work really well, for both existing and new customers who might be reading.

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