Premier Banking - Existing customers

Get the most from your Premier bank account

Set-up your bank account

Set up your new card

New to Royal Bank of Scotland?
If you're new to Royal Bank, we'll post your Contactless Debit Card and PIN separately within a few days of opening your account. Once your card arrives we'll explain how to start using it.

Already a Royal Bank of Scotland customer?
If you're already a Royal Bank customer and have recently changed your account, there's no need to set up your card. You get to keep your existing card and PIN.

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Change your current account

If you'd prefer one of our other accounts, you can change your current account online. It's quick and easy to change.

1. View our Premier current account range. Specific account eligibility applies. Monthly fees may apply. 

2. After choosing your preferred account option, follow the steps to apply for that account.

When changing your existing account to another, you’ll:

  • Keep your existing sort code, account number and debit card. Your existing standing orders and direct debits will stay the same.
  • Retain your arranged overdraft limits.
  • See no impact to your credit rating.
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In an emergency

My card has been stolen

Find out what you need to do if you think your card or card details have been stolen.

Lost or damaged cards

Find out the steps you can take if your card has been lost or damaged.

Get emergency cash

If your debit card is lost or stolen, you can still access your money from our ATMs using our Emergency Cash service.
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No-fuss receipt tracking

Losing a receipt can be a pain, especially for valuable items. As a Premier customer you can use our free Receipt Management tool to effortlessly store, track and capture your receipts using our Royal Bank app.

Mobile app criteria applies. Receipt Management available on selected devices. This service is available to Premier & Business Banking customers only.

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