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Well, that's the decorations packed away and it's time to think about plans for 2015. If they include getting more from your bank accounts, then maybe it's time to consider getting Rewards on your spend with our Cashback Plus schemes?

Cashback Plus earns you at least 1% of your spend back in Rewards each time you use your NatWest debit card or Cashback Plus Credit Card to make a qualifying purchase at our Cashback Plus retailers. Your Cashback Plus Credit Card will also allow you to earn 1% of your supermarket spend (excludes supermarket petrol stations) and 0.5% of your spend everywhere else.


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All Rewards are subject to the retailers' terms and conditions.

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If you’ve already activated Cashback Plus, you can visit the Cashback Plus website to check your Rewards balance and see the latest retailer offers.

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