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Hard of hearing

For our customers we're working to make your banking more accessible

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In Branch

  • We provide hearing induction loops in all of our branches. In addition to providing fixed loops on some of our counter positions, all branches have a portable induction loop that is available for use in interview rooms.

  • Tell us if you’d like to activate an induction loop when you’re in the branch to help you hear more clearly with your hearing aid. Look for the setting marked ‘T’ and set it to this position. We’ll switch the loop on and you’ll be able to talk to us straightaway.

  • We can arrange for an RNID British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter to be present for meetings free of charge, but please bear in mind this may require a few days notice. We’ll need a few days notice to arrange this for you.

Other features to make us more accessible

Using Minicom or Text Relay

Our phone numbers now all have a minicom alternative.

We have minicom numbers to help you access our telephony services using Text Relay.

The numbers for the department you’re looking for are detailed on the “Contact Us” page of the website.

Contact NatWest

Using SignVideo for British Sign Language Users

SignVideo provides on demand interpretation to enable British Sign Language users to have access to telephone banking services.

You can learn more about SignVideo in BSL: Helpful sign language video

Start using SignVideo

You can contact us using BSL through SignVideo. You’re connected to a qualified and registered interpreter who’ll interpret your sign language to one of our team.

SignVideo is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. You’ll need to have a computer or device with one of the following operating systems:

  • iOS devices (8 or upwards), many Android devices (4.4 upwards), PC (i3 or above) or Mac with a webcam
  • IE 9-11 or Firefox (for Windows), Safari for Mac
  • Bandwidth of at least 256 kbp/s upload and download (384 kbp/s recommended)

The first time you use SignVideo you'll be asked to install technology called a plug-in on your computer. It will help with the video quality and make sure your calls are secure. You only need to do this once.

Click on the link above. You’ll be taken to a new window and connected via a secure video link to a fully qualified and registered interpreter. Tell them that you want to speak to NatWest.


Before you call, get together any account details or information that you’ll need to identify yourself. That way, we’ll be able to get you to the right person quickly.

Things you need to know:

This service is available for all account servicing, and we'll be able to help with many of your day to day banking queries and transactions. Remember, please be cautious with your account details. We’ll never ask you to disclose your PIN, or full password. The interpreter will help deal with your request in a safe and secure way.

Your video call is relayed in real time using secure technology. However, we may record the voice conversation between your interpreter and Nat West for training and monitoring purposes.

Where to get help:

For troubleshooting or technical guidance about SignVideo, please contact help@signvideo.co.uk 

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