Create a savings goal

Create a savings goal Saving for a rainy day or holiday?
Our 4* rated tool can help you

Savings goals

Our Savings Goal tool lets you set goals and track your progress – and it’s been given a 4* rating by The Fairbanking Foundation.

To use the Savings Goal tool, you need to have a savings account with us and have registered for Online Banking. You can only have one goal for each savings account.


If you're not already registered for Online Banking, register now!

NatWest Budget and Savings goal tools

Create a savings goal How the tool works
  • Tell us how much you want to save and your target date
  • Choose a category and give your goal a personal name e.g. Spain 2014
  • Try out different options to see how much you'll save based on your plan
  • When you’re done, assign your goal to a savings account or open a new one

You can also….

  • Share your goal with somebody else if you have a joint savings account with them
  • See your progress whenever you log into Online Banking
  • Take action if you’re falling behind plan
  • Change your plan if circumstances change

How much can I save each month?

We have a budgeting tool that can help you achieve your savings targets. You can use the tool to help work out how much you can afford to save.

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