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Service options

Want to change your regular repayment date or the account you repay your loan from?

We realise that you may change employment during the course of your loan, and this may mean your salary is paid on a different date than when you started your loan. It may therefore help your budgeting to change the date on which you make your regular repayments to your loan.

Your salary may also be paid to a different account with us than when you started your loan and if it would help you we can change your loan repayments to come from this account.

Want to make overpayments?

Overpayments can reduce the total amount of interest you pay.

  • For fixed rate personal loans opened before 14 November 2010: Some loans allow you to make overpayments without penalty.
  • For fixed rate personal loans opened after 14 November 2010: Some loans allow you to make an overpayment and a charge may apply. Please refer to your loan agreement for details.

Please speak to your local branch or Private Banking Manager if you want to request us to change your repayment date, servicing account or to discuss your overpayment options.

For some types of loan, a change of repayment date can slightly decrease or increase your monthly payments (as your loan term is shortened or lengthened).