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Managing financial risk

Helping to reduce interest rate, exchange rate and inflation risks

Almost everything in business comes down to taking a risk. Whether that's expanding into a new market, launching a new product or service or setting up a new team.

The interest on your borrowing can be affected by interest rate fluctuations. Any contracts you have tied into inflation can be affected by the rate of inflation changing - and even the basket of goods basis on which it's calculated changing.

And, if you're buying or selling overseas, continual changes in exchange rates can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

How we can help

Our Corporate and Institutional teams create solutions that help mitigate and alleviate financial risk. And because they're based locally, alongside relationship managers, they can deliver a wealth of specialist expertise through your branch.

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Interest rate hedging helps protect your borrowing from the risk of fluctuations in interest rates.

How we can reduce your interest rate risks

Our Corporate Risk Solutions teams, based across the UK, can create interest rate management solutions to meet your financial needs.

With interest rate movements directly affected by a whole range of economic and market developments, our research and analytics expertise helps shape the right solution. Added to this is an approach that's about really understanding your business needs.

Crucially, our risk management experts will help to steer you through the often jargon-filled world of the financial markets.

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Spot FX

A contract for exchanging one currency for another at a fixed rate of exchange for delivery in two working days' time.


With a forward, your business can fix the exchange rate for the payment or receipt of foreign currency in the future.

Forward Plus and accruals

A forward plus is often used as an alternative to a forward contract and an accrual forward delivers a drip-feed approach.

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If your business is tied into inflation-linked contracts - for example leasing in the property sector - managing inflation risk could be an important part of your strategy.

Our credentials in managing inflation risk

Managing your finances against the risk of fluctuations in the rate of inflation is a relatively new opportunity. RBS Corporate & Institutional is now a leading force in the inflation market, and our expertise stretches through to our UK Corporate Risk Solutions Teams.

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