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With support from RBS Social & Community Capital, UK charity Technology Trust is giving thousands of other charities access to digital services.

Imagine trying to let people know about your support and services without the help of technology. Not easy is it?

Technology Trust’s mission is to help good causes use the right technology to achieve even more - for less money.

They help charities, social enterprise and non-profit organisations access donated software, email marketing and other digital services, giving them the support they need to fulfill their potential.

“We’re a UK charity that helps other charities to exploit technology they wouldn’t normally have access to, or even afford,” says Technology Trust’s Richard Cooper.

“Technology helps charities to be more efficient at fundraising and do it in ways that, ten years ago, they couldn’t have done. It also enables them to reach and help more people, faster and more effectively.”

One such charity is the Child Poverty Action Group who campaigns and lobbies to help end child poverty in the UK. Technology Trust provides them with around 50% of their marketing strategy, making it much easier for them to engage with people, saving them the huge cost of finding less efficient other ways of marketing their services, helping them to preserve the precious funds they do have for helping people.

S&CC has supported Technology Trust with a £100K loan to refresh IT products and introduce new products and services to the charity sector.

“Without funding from S&CC, many of our projects would never have got off the ground,” says Richard. “Now we are hoping to move beyond providing hardware to offer charities more advice on how to use digital to achieve their objectives and increase their impact.”


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Any property used as security, which may include your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other debt secured on it

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