Business Debit Cards

Open more doors with your
new Debit Mastercard®

A new Debit Mastercard® is heading your way

We're switching to Debit Mastercard® and all our customers will soon receive a shiny new replacement debit card. Nothing is changing with your account and your card will work in just the same way. 

We'll be launching the new cards from early next year and will let you know closer to the time when you can expect to receive yours through the letterbox.

Your old visa card will stop working soon so take a look at how to get you new Debit Mastercard® up and running. We won’t contact you to request any personal details, so any requests could be a scam. We’ve gathered some information below so you can help protect yourself from fraud and scams.

We’ll also cover any other questions you might have. 

Your new card to-do list

Keep your money safe

Protect yourself and your money from crime and stay one step ahead of the scammers. Go to rbs.co.uk/business/security.html.

Top Tip

Look out for unexpected phone calls, texts or emails from anyone claiming to be from the bank or any other organisation. If you’re not quite sure whether to trust them, just look up the details on their website and contact them directly on an email or number you know is genuine.

Red flags to watch out for

One thing to remember is that we’ll never ask for your PIN, password or card reader code. Never reveal your card reader code or one-time passcode (OTP) to anybody, and never approve a payment in your mobile app that you haven’t made.

If somebody is asking you to do any of these things, It’s a scam. You can report suspicious emails to phishing@rbs.com and texts to 88355. If you’ve received a suspicious phone call and think you provided any of your personal security details during the call, you can contact us on 159.

Can my card be used everywhere?

Your Debit Mastercard® can be used almost anywhere that accepts card payments, both in shops and online.

It’s not just limited to the UK. Your Debit Mastercard® is welcomed all over the world in all sorts of places.

Remember that there could be some costs when shopping or withdrawing money while using your debit card abroad.

You can also use your contactless card abroad like you can In the UK. Just look for the contactless symbol. Limits can vary when you’re abroad.

Other frequently asked questions