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Discover our card machines

Discover our range of card machines to suit your business, whether you’re out and about dropping things off or your customers come to you to pay. They’re packed with features you’ll love that can help you take payments and make doing business easier. 

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Clover Flex - Does Everything

An all-in-one POS system
£15.99 (+ VAT) per month*
  • Wifi and 3G
  • Keep track of sales
  • A range of handy apps
  • Everything you need in one place
  • High-res, 5-inch colour touchscreen
  • 8-hour battery life

Ingenico Move 3500 - Portable

Payments on the move
£21.99 (+ VAT) per month*
  • 3G, and a Wifi option as well
  • Keep track of sales
  • Print out receipts
  • Small size fits easily in your pocket
  • Bold, backlit 3.2-inch screen          
  • 8-hour battery life

Ingenico Desk 3500 - Countertop

Plug it in and you’re set
£13.99 (+ VAT) per month*
  • Ethernet
  • Keep track of sales
  • Print out receipts
  • Simple to use, just plug in and go
  • Bold, backlit 2.8-inch screen        
  • Permanently plugged in

What’s the difference between card machines and card readers?

Here's a little bit more about them

Card machines

These are the sorts of machines you get in high street stores and supermarkets. They have a screen and a PIN pad, and it’s easy to pay by either swiping or tapping your card.

Card readers

Basically these are like mini card machines. Easily portable due to their small size, they’ve got a little screen and a PIN pad. If you only need to take card payments occasionally they’re great. 

Steps to get your card machine

These four simple steps will bring a card machine to your door.

1. We’d like to know about you
Tell us about your business and we’ll give you a personalised quote for a 12-month contract based on your needs.

2. Get your card machine
After you’ve been approved, we’ll send out your card machine, aiming for it to get to you within 48 hours.

3. Start taking payments
When you start taking payments you’ll get cash showing in your account the next business day.

4. Track how you’re doing
You can keep an eye on all our payments in the Tyl Portal.

FAQs about card machines

Anything else we can help with?

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