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Graduate Account - Arranged Overdraft

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This application form collects information to include within your Graduate Account - Arranged Overdraft. Use the appropriate buttons at the end of the application form to proceed or to end your application.Please be aware that some explanatory text is included within the form.

This is stage 1 of 2. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Please do not use your browser's 'back' button to move back or you may lose some of the information you have already entered.

Please use this application form to make changes to your existing Graduate Royalties Account Arranged Overdraft. It can also be used to apply for a new Arranged Overdraft if you did not request one when you opened your Graduate Royalties Account.
You can request a maximum overdraft limit of up to £2,000

With our Graduate Royalties Account, the amount of your Arranged Overdraft that is interest free, decreases each year after you have graduated. Find out more
If you are unsure how the interest or charges work, please read more about our rates & charges. This is important, as you may be charged interest if you use a certain amount of your overdraft.

Always try to ensure you never go over your agreed Arranged Overdraft limit. If this does happen it means you are then using an Unarranged Overdraft which can result in Unarranged Overdraft Usage Fee's and Unpaid Transaction Fees. Read more about overdraft costs
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