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RBS Need to Cancel a Regular Credit Card Payment

Need to cancel a regular credit card payment?

This application form collects information to include within your RBS Need to Cancel a Regular Credit Card Payment. Use the appropriate buttons at the end of the application form to proceed or to end your application.Please be aware that some explanatory text is included within the form.

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A regular credit card payment is not a Direct Debit or a Standing Order. It's a regular payment made from your credit card, like a subscription to a publication or a service, such as Netflix.
If you are cancelling a payment to a retailer that you make recurring payments to, this will cancel ALL future payments (example: Paypal, ITunes, Amazon Prime and insurance companies), If you need further support, you can speak to our webchat team, we're here to help.
You can cancel a regular credit card payment by simply giving us a few details.

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Answers to these questions will help us complete your request as quickly as possible, if you are unsure you can usually find the details on your statement.
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