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Welcome to the RBS Card-Reader guide 


Why we're enhancing your security 

Managing your finances online using your Security Number and password is safe and convenient. But we're always looking to enhance your security, using the latest technology.

So we're adding a new way of protecting important information that passes between you and your account online during some transactions. This protects you from the increasing sophistication of online fraud. For some transactions we already ask you for an additional layer of security - two letters from your password.

Instead, we'll now ask you to use the Card-Reader we've sent you, which creates a unique link between you and the bank for these transactions. It uses numbers we will ask you to check so you can verify your transaction before you authorise it.

The Card-Reader will:

    verify numbers you enter on its keypad
    generate new random numbers for you to use online

and because these numbers change each time you use your Card-Reader, they can't be imitated or copied

Your Card-Reader

NB: If you're banking online at the moment, remember your banking session automatically ends after 10 minutes