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Mobile Phone Insurance Provider Change FAQs– 8th March 2013


Who is the new mobile phone insurance provider?

The new mobile phone insurance underwriter is Aviva Insurance. Carphone Warehouse is the administrator.

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Do I need to re-register my phones due to the mobile phone insurance provider change?

No – you do not need to do anything. All details of phones which are currently registered with CPP will be transferred over to Aviva.

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When will the mobile phone insurance provider change?

The mobile phone insurance provider will change on 8th March 2013 at 12.01am.

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Who should I contact after the 8th March 2013 for mobile phone insurance claims or registrations?

You should continue to contact the appropriate membership services number contained within your benefit terms and conditions and listed on the Membership Services website.

If you are calling for claims or complaints in relation to the period before the 8th March 2013 you will have the option when you call to select the appropriate team to be directed to.

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What happens if my claim or complaint relates to a time before the 8th March 2013 but I am unable to report this until the 18th March 2013?

If you are calling for claims or complaints in relation to the period before the 8th March 2013, when you call Membership Services you will have the option to highlight this and be directed to the appropriate team.

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What are the key differences for the mobile phone insurance from the 8th March 2013?

There are a number of key differences between the old and the new mobile phone insurance policy:

  • Proof of purchase is no longer required – proof of ownership is via IMEI validation.
  • You now have up to 60 days to let Aviva know of your claim
  • You can claim up to £250 on accessories which are lost/stolen/damage at the time of an approved claim.
  • You can claim for unauthorised calls up to £2,500 for pay monthly and up to £100 for pay as you go.
  • The excess for all claims is £75 for Silver customers and £50 for all Black Account, Select Platinum and Royalties Gold customers.
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Where can I find my IMEI number?

You can find this by referring to your proof of ownership, contacting your network provider or dialling *#06# on your device. We recommend you store your IMEI number and airtime provider’s contact details somewhere other than your phone in case you need to claim.

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How many phones are covered per account?

Select Silver, Select Platinum and Royalties Gold have cover of one phone per account holder; if the account is a joint account then 2 phones are covered.

The Black Account provides cover for up to 4 phones - including phones owned by family members.

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In the mobile phone insurance policy provided by CPP, my phone was covered if it was lost or stolen or damage by a "household member", who is covered under the Aviva policy?

Authorised users are covered under the Select Silver, Select Platinum and Royalties Gold policies, an authorised user is a person known to the account holder who is a UK resident and has been given their permission to use the phone. There is no need to register authorised users.

On the Black Account, family member’s phones are covered under the policy (up to 4 phones per account). Family members are defined as the your partner (who lives with you in a domestic relationship, whether married or cohabiting) and your children under 18 years of age who live at home with you (under 23 if still in full time education and living at home with you outside of term time).

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Are there any additional services for Black account customers?

Yes, as a Black Account holder you may also receive technical support/initial set up on the replacement phone you receive as part of a claim.

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How much can I claim for accessories?

You may claim up to £250 for accessories.

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How much can I claim for unauthorised calls?

You may claim up to £2,500 for pay monthly and up to £100 for pay as you go.

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After an accepted claim when will I receive my replacement phone?

If you are a Black Account holder you will receive a replacement phone within 24 hours.

If you are a Select Silver, Select Platinum or Royalties Gold customer you will receive your replacement phone within 48 hours.

Some conditions apply including - once the claim is accepted and providing excess paid by 5pm. If you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Highlands, or claims made on Bank and Public Holidays, your phone will take longer than 48 hours to get to you.

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What value can I claim up to for a lost or stolen or damaged phone?

There is no limit to the value of the phone claimed however there are some exclusions highlighted in more detail in the mobile phone insurance terms and conditions. Exclusions include phones which have been modified with embellishments or have been cosmetically enhanced with precious metals, stones or crystals, these are not covered under the policy.

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Will there be a change to the location I go to online to access the mobile phone insurance benefit?

No changes will be made to the online locations, you will still access same Membership Services ( site as you have done previously. You will now see Aviva instead of CPP pages when processing your claim or registering a device.

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Why can’t I have the same conditions I am going to have now in relation to proof of purchase?

To improve the process for claims approval we have worked with our new supplier to remove as many barriers as possible to quick approval. Therefore you are now required to confirm the IMEI number of your phone as proof of ownership.

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Why has the supplier of mobile phone insurance changed?

We regularly review our benefit suppliers and look to improve the service we provide our customers by making the benefits included with our packaged accounts easy to access. We believe the change to Aviva as our mobile phone insurance supplier offers additional benefits and simplified path to make claims.

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What happens to my current warranty for my phone?

Current warranties continue on with the phone manufacturer as outlined in the standard warranty terms from the phone manufacturer. If the phone breaks down outside of the warranty you will be able to apply to make a claim.

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