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Direct debiting via BACS

An efficient electronic method of collecting payments

Introducing a fast, efficient and accurate means of collecting payments electronically through the BACSTEL-IP link to BACS. Your business will be able to monitor the status of payments, receive a wide range of reports and maintain your own records - all online.

  • Control cash flow - gain greater control over when funds are credited to your business
  • Time and cost savings - payments are automatically collected from customers' bank accounts, so there is less need for reminders
  • Monitor and control payments - computerised record-keeping will ensure payments are processed efficiently
  • Greater accounting efficiency - identify unpaid items quickly
  • Specialist advice - we will consult closely and tailor a solution for your business
  • Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service - your business will receive consistent and consolidated notification of changes to your customers' details from the paying banks
  • Access to all BACS services - Internet Protocol (IP) access to BACS means your business will gain fast, efficient and secure online access to all its services
  • State-of-the-art security - all your business's submissions will be protected with the latest Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies and processes, using smart cards and smart card technology
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Through a combination of sponsorship, indemnities and guarantees, you can be sure that our Direct Debiting via BACS service will operate smoothly and that your business and customers will benefit.

  • Sponsorship - to join the scheme your business will need to meet stringent legal, financial and administrative requirements. You will also need an authorised sponsor, such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, to support your application. Since Direct Debiting is solely a means of collecting payments, we are not responsible for any underlying contract which your organisation may have with individual customers.
  • Indemnity each organisation has to sign a standard indemnity to take part in the scheme.

    This protects the banks and building societies if your organisation collects incorrect payments from payers' accounts

  • Direct Debit Guarantee - your customers will be protected by the guarantee that all businesses that collect payments must issue to their payers on behalf of the banks and building societies participating in the scheme
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As a Direct Debiting customer, your business will be able to improve the efficiency and accuracy of setting up and processing direct debits with some complementary services:

  • Automated Direct Debit Instructions Service (AUDDIS) - If you process large volumes of direct debit instructions, AUDDIS will enable you to send them to your customers' bank electronically via BACS.
  • Direct Debit Solutions - our Direct Debit Solutions service means you will gain all the benefits of direct debiting while reducing administration. Send us your data electronically or on paper and Direct Debit Solutions will do the rest.

    Your business will be able to collect direct debit payments through almost any PC. And we will advise you which software suppliers match your needs.

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