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Agency bank services

Agency Bank Clearing and Settlement Services

RBS is a leading provider of Sterling and Euro clearing and settlement services to banks, building societies and other payment service providers licensed to operate in the UK and which choose not to become a member of a UK payment scheme.

We provide agency banking (indirect access) arrangements to around 40% of all such institutions operating within the UK and can provide access to all the UK domestic payments systems including:

  • Bacs
  • Faster Payments
  • Cheque and Credit Clearing

Agency Banks have a wide range of options to connect to RBS including SWIFT, online channels, host to host connection, file transfer or direct submission to the payment system.


  • RBS is a member of, and a high volume participant in, Cheque and Credit Clearing, Bacs, CHAPS and Faster Payments
  • RBS is represented and influential on most UK payment industry workgroups
  • RBS is a member of SWIFT and one of the largest processors of SWIFT payment messages globally
  • RBS is represented on a wide range of European industry bodies
  • RBS is an active participant in key European industry initiatives, meeting regularly with the European Commission

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